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Logo & Artwork Guide

Uploading logos

Your club’s logo, other badges or crests, sponsors and player names and numbers can all be easily added to personalise your kit or training wear. If you are supplying a Logo, Sponsor, Crest or other artwork for use in Embroidery or Print on your garment, these are best supplied to us as editable VECTOR files.

What is a Vector file?

A Vector file comes in formats such as .eps, .ai (Adobe Illustrator) and some .pdf files. Vector files are editable, and can be scaled up or down without loss of quality, ensuring your artwork will look crisp and clear at any size. Other image files such as .png, .jpeg, .jpg and .tif are not editable and therefore we are unable to work with them.

Once you’ve decided to order your kit with us, we’ll need your logo or artwork in a suitable vectorised format. You will need to supply this to us. If your logo isn’t in a vectorised format, we may charge a flat rate of £25 for artwork origination for each logo. This is because your club or sponsor’s logo will need to be redrawn from scratch so that we have it in a format that we can work with.

Please note we will not proceed with your order if you upload logos that we deem to be offensive or inappropriate. Please see our Terms & Conditions for full details.

Why use vectorised format?

Whether it’s for print or embroidery, a vectorised logo can be manipulated or re-sized better, meaning the background can be separated and colours can be edited to get a better representation of your club or sponsor’s logo (colours often look different printed than they do on screen for example). A vectorised format also gives greater consistency, again meaning your colours are represented accurately and logos / crests can be sized accurately to scale without any loss in colour or definition.

Fonts – Names, Initials and Number

We use a standard font carefully chosen. This font is used for player names and numbers.To keep the process simple, we do not provide different options of fonts however we will look to accomodate special requirements within reason.

Font Colours

Whilst our designs have been created using the chosen colour combinations for logos, we are open to accept your chosen colour for the fonts as long as you are able to provide us the CMYK values. In the absence of accurate CMYK values, we will use our own judgement to consider the closest match to your chosen font colour.

Logo applications

We offer 3 main methods of adding your logo or sponsor onto a kit.

  1. Dye sublimation
  2. Embroidery
  3. CAD Cut Heat Transfer Vinyl Printing

Dye Sublimation

Dye Sublimation is a new process for printing full colours directly onto polyester fabric, onto either complete ready made up garments or onto rolls of polyester fabric which are then made up into finished garments. In this way any pattern or image can be printed quickly and easily at the touch of a button.

This technology has allowed modern day sports clothing to carry unique, creative and contemporary designs while retaining lightweight and breathability on fabric and ensuring there’s no compromise to performance.
All of our kits come in designed printed using this technology and therefore by default all logos will be printed using this method on those products unless specified otherwise.


This is the more traditional way of applying a Club logo or crest and is usually best suited to smaller designs as larger crests/logos will make the garment heavy and rigid. Therefore, we only recommend embroidery for your club badge or crest, or smaller sponsor logos. If you specify embroidery then you must provide us a logo and if you can’t, then we can make one for you which may incur an additional £25 charge. We would expect you to provide CMYK values of your chosen colours used in crest/logo and in the absence of accurate CMYK values, we will use our own judgement to consider the closest match to your chosen crest/logo colour.

CAD Cut Heat Transfer – Vinyl Printing

Vinyl printing is a great alternative to embroidery as it is lighter and more flexible. It’s particularly good for more detailed logos or small lettering and is being used increasingly by sports performance brands, due to its lightweight properties and flexibility. Please ensure that the instructions on the label are followed when washing the garment. Failure to follow these instructions may result in colour fading of some or all the printing applied to the garment.

Colours – Artwork, Logos, Names, Numbers etc

When adding either embroidery or heat transfer applications to garments our design and production team take great care to ensure the application looks its best. In some rare circumstances when an application and the garment are similar colours our team may take the initiative to edit the colours used for the application, unless specific colours/instructions have been added to the order at the point of checkout. If you are concerned this may affect your order please contact our customer services team.

Print Sizes

The table below shows the standard sizes that will be applied to the customisation of our garments if not specified and agreed at the outset.

Print Adults Youth & Juniors
Back Numbers 265 mm 180 mm
Front Numbers 45 mm 35 mm
Front Initials 45 mm 35 mm
Main Sponsor (Front) 200 cm sq 150 cm sq
Back Neck Sponsor 100 cm sq 75 cm sq
Sleeve Sponsor 100 cm sq 75 cm sq
Crest Size 100 cm sq 100 cm sq

Guidelines for Logo and Artwork

We endeavour to ensure all recommended sizing for printwork is in line with the relevant guidelines however it is your responsibility to ensure you review the proposed printwork and its dimensions against the relevant guidelines and approve it before it goes into production.

Once you have reviewed the specifications including design and artwork and approve it for production, no further changes could be made beyond that point and as per our Terms & Conditions we will not take any responsibility for non-compliance to your relevant league or FA guidelines.

Therefore please take a moment to check your relevant league guidelines or you may refer to the FA published guidelines using the link below.